Nevada Falls in Yosemite.

Day 01 of JMT Revisited (June 23, 2004)

We spent all day yesterday packing and planning. We finally went to bed at 11:30pm. I watched Jay Leno before falling asleep. He had a guy on that did the first privately funded space flight.

We were going to get up at 4:30 am, leave at 5:00. I got up at 4:45. Everybody was slow to get up, so people started moving at 5:15. We took pictures, then left at 5:54. We got well onto the 55 Freeway before I remembered the permits. Turned around and restarted at 6:35 am.

We took two cars: the Suburban and Carol’s Lexus. Carol, Nancy, Little Eric, and I went in the Lexus. (Carol is my wife. Nancy is Carol's sister, and Eric is Nancy's son). Everybody else was in the Suburban. After one hour Kevin called me and requested a switch. Seems that the brothers were fighting. Not a good start for the trip.

We got to Yosemite at about 2:00 pm. Our goal was to get there before the rangers gave away our slots to other hikers. We had a permit for six of us, and another permit for two of us, but the second permit started the next day, at a point further up the trail. Since Tim was the last to join, he was going to have to skip the frist part of the trip, and meet up with us. But, the rangers had an extra space on the permit for Tim – so we all got to start together, all seven of us: Dal, Ken, Elliot, Wes, Curtis, Jon, and Tim.

Everybody was hungry for lunch, so we bought lunch at Yosemite Village. It was $85 to feed us 11 of us. As I said, Nancy, Carol, Kevin, and Little Eric were with us, to drive the cars home.

We got to the trailhead parking lot at about 4:00 pm. Said goodbyes and took pictures. We hiked for a few minutes to find drinkable running water, and then filled up. We finally found the trailhead at 4:50 pm. Took pictures at the “sign”. I stayed behind to tighten my shoelaces. Wes and Tim got to the footbridge at Nevada Falls (3.0mi, 2000’ gain) at 6:15 pm. Elliot and rest of gang got there at 6:35 pm. I showed up at 6:41 pm. I felt really bad on the trail – hopefully cause of the sandwich that I had for lunch. We rested on top of the falls for at least 30 minutes, then hiked another mile to Little Yosemite. We camped by a nice stream.

The boys caught lots of fish, but we decided not to cook them for now. We are really concerned about the bears. The rangers want us to camp in pre-used spots, so the bears know where to find us. We had granola bars for dinner. Then I read the first chapter of Romans to everybody around the fire.

Views are beautiful. It was a great first day. No one has serious blisters. All of us are getting along just fine.

The tent Carol made is wonderful! I wonder how it will hold up in the rain.