Banner Peak and Thousand Island Lake.

Day 05 of JMT Revisited (June 27, 2004)

Another great day! First the facts, and then some thoughts. I woke up at 6:00 am. During the night I slid my head out of the tent and looked at the stars – wow – a fully dark night – no moon. The Milky Way was directly above. I didn’t see any shooting stars, and I fell back asleep after 15 minutes.

Anyway, I woke everyone else up, and started hiking at 7:10 am. We had to cross a big stream right next to our camp. I was too afraid to cross on the rocks, near a waterfall, so I waded through on bear feet – very painful. Almost fell, but made it. We did Donohue Pass by 8:35. Took pictures. Then had a break at 11:00 am, below Island Pass. We decided to have lunch at Thousand Island Lake, another 3 miles. That was very hard for me – I was sick again – maybe because of hunger. After lunch I was on fire – hiked over Island Pass, then over the next pass between Thousand Island Lake and Garnet Lake. Both are over 10,600! Finally, we decided to stay at Shadow Lake – another pass of over 10,000! But we couldn’t find a good camp at Shadow Lake because of the forest service restrictions in the area.

So, by a vote of 4 to 3, we decided to start up the next pass in search of a better campsite. Boy, did we find one! Over the pass after Shadow Lake, called Roselie Lake. I arrived at 5:00 pm, after 9 hours of hard hiking. At the lake, Wes and I dived in for a swim. It was wonderful to clean off. There were hardly any mosquitoes! The other boys fished. Ken, Elliott and Jon cooked dinner. I pumped water. It was a great dinner as usual. All of us are very hungry, and we are arguing (a little) over portions. I don’t think we have enough food. Ken and Jon found a leftover REI meal and cooked it for themselves – to the dismay of the rest of us. Then we cooked popcorn – very good.

After dinner, I went down to a rock and admired the view. I watched the fish jumping in the lake. I noticed the fish moving near me, so I borrowed a fishing rod, and on my second cast, I caught a big one. Ken took a picture. The boys said it was the biggest they had ever seen on our trips (they do all the fishing, not me). I cleaned it, with the help of Elliot and Tim, and we cooked it with the new technique. I passed it around, but I got to eat most of it.

We had a nice campfire. We are doing devotions in Romans. One chapter a day. We read the chapter, and then we each get to ask one question about the chapter to the person next to us. It is pretty interesting.

Now for a few thoughts. I am amazed at God’s majesty in His creation. I thought about his a lot on the trail today. So many perfectly balanced systems. And He put us in a place where we can observe so much of it.

Next, I want to write an email to Steve Johnson, thanking him for getting us back into hiking. This trip has been more fun than the last, mainly because finishing is not our only goal.

Also, I want to note that my worries about the boys arguing (especially Wes) were baseless. Ken and Jon are helping more now that they see a pattern. No problems with any more bears! Rain is only threat.

In all, the trip is going well, and I am having fun. But, I am still having bouts of sickness.