Burned Out Forest, a few miles South of Red Meadows (near Mammoth Mountian).

Day 06 of JMT Revisited (June 28, 2004)

First, a few thoughts: Curtis is a nice boy: he never complains. I am glad to have him along. The group is getting to know each other better. The work is being shared a little better too.

Today we got up at 6:00 am, at least I did. Most everybody else got up at 6:15 except Wes and Curtis – who I found in the bags while everyone else was almost ready to go. I yelled at them and dumped them out of their bags, threatening to throw water on them. They finally got up. We were on our way at 7:15 am.

After a little climb, it was 7 miles down to Mammoth Store. Man, it is sure good to get doses of civilization while on the trail. We had lunch in the café – and I had the best Pastrami sandwich I have ever eaten.

Elliot’s blisters got so bad that he wanted to quit! This was very unexpected because Elliot is the best hiker among us. I convinced him to go at least one more night with us – after I doctored him up. After we left Mammoth, at 1:20 pm, he hiked like a rocket. He now thinks he will make it just fine.

We left the store with no real plan on how far to go. I said we should do four hours and camp. At 4:00 pm, we stopped to rest. It had been thundering and we got hit by a few drops. We set up tents, to wait out the storm that never came.

We were at Deer Creek Crossing, over 7 miles from the store. We had already done 15 miles today. In the tents, everyone got excited about doing another 7 miles to make it to Purple Lake. So we packed up, and took off. Oh boy, that was a hard hike. We did 5.5 miles, and now we are camping at Duck Creek Crossing. I am beat.

Dinner was great! Dinner was macaroni and cheese with beef chunks. I didn’t do any of the cooking, but I helped with the dishes. The older boys are taking over. Tim, being very sweet, pumped water after dinner in the cold (very cold).

I called Carol on the Sat phone to make plans to meet at Edison on Wednesday. I talked for 20 minutes ($30.00).

It is about 10:30 pm at night and I am so cold I can’t write much more. I am going to slide down in my bag, get warm, and go to sleep.