Taking a Swim in Edison Lake.

Day 08 of JMT Revisited (June 30, 2004)

We got up at 6:10 am. Packed and on the trail by 7:20 am – no breakfast, no water. I arrived at the ferry drop at 8:30 am. The ferry wasn’t supposed to arrive till 9:45 am. Elliot and Tim decided to hike around Lake Edison. It was supposed to be an easy 4 mile hike. It turned out to be a hard 5+ mile hike that gained and dropped 500 feet.

The rest of us waited for the ferry. I went swimming. Then the boys invented all sorts of rock throwing contests. Jon, by far, has the longest throw. Ken wins at the skipping contest. Wes wins with accuracy.

The ferry came at 9:30 am – 15 minutes early. What a great ride. We beat Tim and Elliot by about a minute. They saw the ferry and started to run to the store.

I set everybody up on individual tabs which I intended to pay tomorrow. Each soda is $1.00. Sat calls are $2.00/minute. Clothes wash is $5.00. Shower is $5.00. We had a huge breakfast at about $10.00 each. Then we had a huge lunch at about $10.00 each, then dinner at $10 to $15 each. Then dinner deserts, chips, flashlight, cabin rental ($50), ferry rides (5x $15 + 2x $8). The bill is going to be big, say about $500.00.

That’s not too bad for a great stay. Seemed like we eat and drank all day long. We washed our cloths. Finally at about 3:00 pm Carol and Mark Post arrived with the resupply. Boy, were we happy to see them. Mark could only stay for 30 minutes. Just as we started to unload, a bad thunderstorm broke – we had to think fast on what we needed – but I think we got everything.

I only had just a few minutes with Carol. She (isn’t “she” a great word? especially after being around men for over a week…) told me that my dad is in the hospital with a serious condition. Dad has pneumonia, emphysema, heart failure, and kidney failure. They tell me none of this is life threatening – at least immediately. Boy, I am praying for him. I called Gail, Steve, Gail, and then Dad at the hospital. Gail said he is doing much better today, and he is responding to the drugs. Everybody tells me not to come home. When I finally spoke to dad he didn’t sound great. He had a hard time laughing. But, I guess I am going to try to keep going.

I had a great conversation with a PCTer at dinner. He has already done the AT (Appalachian Trail). He is an unemployed architect. I spoke of “church” and “God” a few times but he never picked up on that.

Earlier, I met an older guy named “Jack” who has also done the AT. I wished I had shared the gospel with him – he explained that he used the “Parachute” method to find his life’s desires. He was ripe for the gospel – I wish I said something – God forgive me.

At night, I sat down with the cook talked with him and a pack driver named “Bob”. We shared Bear stories, and Bob told me all about the packing business. Its $200/person for the ultimate treatment. Its also about $240 to get 80 lbs delivered to any part of the Sierras that is a one day trip for them – which turns out to be about a 15 mile radius from their pack station.

I also mentioned that Red’s Meadow is up for sale, at $1.7m. He didn’t think that price was very good.

Right before bed, Tim caught a huge fish, one worthy of a picture on their wall. We are going to get to eat it for breakfast. Oh boy!

Well, it has been a great day. Stan, the cook, praised my boys. Also, one thing I never expected: Jon and Wes have really hit it off. Jon even admitted to it. He thinks it is because they are both NOT the first born.

Last thing: My blister on my toe is hurting so bad right now that it is keeping me awake. I sure hope that I can hike on it tomorrow. Night.

Actually, one more thing: I want to comment on how much different our visit here is than last time. Last time, Carol and Mark stayed overnight, and we got car campsite away from the hikers. This time, even though Carol came up, we got to experience this place as through hikers. We sat in the restaurant all day, and shared tables with people who are not apart of our group. I have made friends with “Tim”, “Mark”, and that other PCTer. Besides that, I know Stan, Bryan, and Julie, all staff.

Last time, I remember wanting to experience this place, this way. Thank God for granting my wish. Night.