A Little Waterfall in Bear Creek.

Day 09 of JMT Revisited (July 1, 2004)

Well I was wrong about the tabs – they averaged about $50 each. Then I gave tips of like $75, $35, $35… Also we missed the ferry because we were eating breakfast in the restaurant – so we had to pay for a private ride. The cook, Stan, nice as he can be, cooked Tim’s fish for him. Tim had his fish for breakfast, almost more than he could eat.

Missing the ferry cost us $35 more, so the total amount for the stay was $834. This was for 7 people, one day and night! But it was still worth it!

We finally got on the trail at 10:45 am. Two hours later I was 2000’ higher and about 6 miles from Edison. Weather looked bad. We started down toward Bear Creek and it started to rain. We ponchoed up and sat around for quite a while. The weather never really cleared, but it stopped thundering, so we hiked on. We never had a proper lunch – probably because of the huge breakfast at Edison. Our plan at this point was to hike over Selden Pass in the moonlight.

We stopped again, at about 4:30, just passed where the trail starts to follow Bear Creek, I think at the same place where we went swimming during the last time we did the JMT. We had a late lunch there. Then Jon threw a log in the creek and watched it go over the waterfall. Then everybody started doing it. Tim wrote a letter to Melody. It was nice to see the boys having fun with each other, especially after a few hard feelings in the morning. Ken and Jon put together a new hiking plan, so we started hiking again at 6:00pm. We hiked for almost another 1.5 hours – and the weather turned bad again.

We stopped at Upper Bear Creek Meadows, about 1.5 miles short of our goal. We stopped because it was raining, and the stream crossing would be difficult. We had about 45 minutes until dark.

But, what an A team! We set up camp in 15 minutes, in the rain; two tents, kitchen, fire started, Ken cooking… Dinner was really good. We had chicken stuffing, but there was not nearly enough. So Ken started cooking chicken noodle soap. Elliot, Tim, Wes, and Curtis went fishing in the twilight. Eight fish were caught, cleaned, and cooked on the wonderful fire that Wes made. And the rain stopped and it looks like the weather is going to clear.

As you can see, after we got to camp, things really brightened up. Anyway our total hike for today was 10.8 miles. We are about 4 miles from Selden Pass.

I am glad we are away from Edison and on our way again, even thought Edison was so much fun.