Wanda Lake on the Way to Muir Pass.

Day 11 of JMT Revisited (July 3, 2004)

“Today Sucked”, so says Wes. I kind of agree. We woke up at 5:30 am, and hit the trial at 6:30 am. I hiked 6 hours with only a 10-minute break. At exactly 12:30 pm, I got to the top of Muir Pass. When we started there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Yet, on the last part of the climb, say 15 minutes before the top, it snowed on us. No thunder. The thunder came at the end of the day, when Wes, Curtis, and I were exhausted, trying to find the camp that the older boys set up. When we finally caught up, they had a fire going, how nice.

It really seemed like it was going to pour on us, but it never did. We had Top Ramen for dinner – it was delicious as usual. We also had popcorn. Somehow, on the first go around, not all of it popped, but Tim, repopped the rest. I put up a canopy, made out of our tent, and we are sleeping under it, next to the fire. (While I write this, there is a deer roaming around our camp – very close.)

We are camped about one mile before the Bishop Pass trail junction. We are planning to meet our friends in Dusy Basin tomorrow, and take a rest day. Night.