Dusy Basin.

Day 12 of JMT Revisited (July 4, 2004)

We woke up at about 6:00 am. I intended to be the first one up, but at about 6:45 am – I saw Elliot outside. By the way, we didn’t sleep in the tent, but we slept under a canopy that we made with the tent. We packed really fast because we wanted to get to Dusy Basin before the resuppy group (who were coming in over Bishop Pass).

Elliot and Tim were first to leave – at about 7:45 am. I think I started at 8:00. I got to the lower part of Dusy at 10:00 am. The bugs were real bad. Everybody was there except Elliot and Tim who had gone on to the pass to help carry the backpacks from the resuppliers.

After two hours of living with terrible mosquitoes, Ken, Jon and I decided to move the camp higher, to get away from the bugs. Wes and Curtis didn’t like that, because they had already set up a tent and retreated into it to get away from the bugs. We planned to go to the next lake. I carried my pack, plus Elliot’s at the same time. About 1.5 miles, and a 600’ gain.

Finally at about 2:00 pm, the resupply group met us. In the resupply group was: John Hapgood, Greg (Melody’s dad), Melody, Kevin and Sami, Becky, Anna, and Brianna.

They brought all sorts of good things, like grapes. They also brought canned beef stew for dinner.

John Hapgood had been camping in Dusy Basin for a week. He had a great spot picked out for all of us. We sat around and talked lots. It is funny to see Wes, Curtis, and Jon having great fun together. (Jon is going to attend Yale for a PHD, while Curtis is just starting high school.) Wes and group pushed a huge rock off a cliff into the lake. After dark the stars were incredible. A group of us (me, Elliot, Brianna, Anna, and Becky) huddled together until almost midnight to wait for the moon to rise. We used sleeping bags to keep warm.

It has been a great day. I am going to sleep in tomorrow. Night.