Elliot sitting on Pinchot Pass with a view of our climb.

Day 16 of JMT Revisited (July 8, 2004)

I woke up at 5:50 am, and I got everybody up at 6:00 am. We were all on the trail at 7:00am. Wes left before the rest of us (normally this is against the rules) on the condition that he would dry out our ponchos and tents on the pass. I got to Pinchot Pass at exactly 8:00 am, about 10 minutes after everyone else.

It was a beautiful day, no clouds. We took pictures, and rested for 30 minutes. Then we started towards Glen Pass at 8:30 am. We hiked all the way down to Castle Dome Meadows before lunch. Then we had lunch at noon. I started hiking towards Dollar lake at 1:10 pm; it was 4 miles and about a 1500’ climb. I made it to Dollar Lake before 3:00 pm. We rested for about 15 minutes with a jerky snack. Then on the Rea Lakes, where we are staying for the night. It started to rain just as we set up our tents.

A ranger came by while we were setting up our tents, wanting to see permits. We talked to him for a long time in the rain. He has been a ranger for over 35 years! He told us stories about people struck by lightning. During his 35 years he could remember about 5 deaths due to lightning, other than the Whitney disaster.

I am feeling better today. I think I am an “okay” hiker – I passed us some really buff looking people. I think the kids are just rockets – I need to stop comparing myself to the kids and stick to comparing myself to normal people.

At the lake tonight, both Wes and me took a bath. I was “clean” for about one minute, until I put on those awful smelling cloths.

We are all very hungry. We had Top Ramen for dinner. Then for a treat, we had jolly ranchers after dinner. We read another two chapters of Romans. Chapters 11 and 12 are heavy stuff. I am not sure we are retaining much.

I am “clean”, dry, warm, and relatively comfortable. I am glad we decided to do this last part in four days of 15 miles per day, instead of three days of 20 miles per day. Fifteen is about all I can do.

We want to get up early tomorrow to do Glen’s Pass – which is about 2 miles and 1300’ climb from here. Night.