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Dal's Personal Projects

(Updated December 2006)

Truth is, it has been difficult maintaining this page -- I have done so many projects since I started this site in 2004. Someday I hope to put links in for the various woodworking projects I made, and also for all the different software products I have written.

Probably the biggest project that I have worked on is NEEPS -- which stands for Network Enabled Electronic Photo System... Neeps is actually the name of a French guy who invented photography (but spelled differently). We thought our name is cute.

We started NEEPS in October 2005. It is a server, based on Microsoft technology. My son Kenneth and I programmed it up from scratch. We stopped full time work on in March 2006.

NEEPS is now being used by my family and friends to store and organize about 30,000 pictures. They are all available on-line. About 50 of our friends have signed up for access to this collection. We make it possible to share these pictures anywhere on the web. Most of the sharing is done by postings on My Space which refer back to NEEPS.

You can get to NEEPS via our Beach Server.

Other projects:

Homebuilt Sailboat
Rubik's Cube Simulator
HTML Slider Program