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HTML Slider

As I have begun to develop web pages, I found that typing in HTML is tedious, and managing many HTML source files is a pain. So, I developed a tool to help the process of building websites. It is very basic, but if you want to write the HTML directly, and do not use programs such as FrontPage, you might like my tool.

Basically, HTML Slider does text replacement. It combines a "template" with a "definition" to produce HTML. Different definitions can be combined with the same template to produce many HTML pages, all with the same general look but with different content. Best of all, both the template and the definitions can all be stored in one text file, so by editing one file, you can produce hundreds of pages.


You will need a PC running Windows XP. You also must be somewhat proficient in working with HTML. This program just extends what you can do with HTML -- it doesn't write any HTML for you. Finally, you must promise not to misuse my code. You cannot use it to make any money. I retain full ownership and rights regarding it. For now, you can use it for free.

Installation Instructions


Just download the above file, unzip it, and run the program in the zip file. The program will be installed on your computer. A shortcut will be placed on your desktop and in your start menu.

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