Rubik's Cube Simulator


My son, Ken, is involved in speed cubing. He competed in the 2003 world championships in Toronto, Canada, and came in as the 25th fastest in the world. He is currently ranked 40th according to

As you might imagine, his involvement in speed cubing is infectious. So, during the Summer of 2002, I wrote a Rubik's Cube simulator. My goal for this project was two fold: I wanted to develop something that would aid Ken in his training for the competition and I wanted to extend my skills in 3D programming (with Direct-X).

Unfortunately, the computer simulation didn't really help Ken with his speed training, but I did learn a lot about 3D and Direct X. The program faithfully simulates a Rubik's cube, and allows you to solve it. It times your progress. It even recreates the sounds of the cube mechanics.

You can download and try running the simulator if you like. You can use it for free, since it was written for fun. (But, please respect my work. Don't try to sell it or otherwise make money with it. I retain full ownership.)


You will need a PC running Windows XP. You will have to have a semi-modern 3D accelerator card (or chip), such as a NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4200. You will also need to preinstall DirectX version 9, or later. Note: I have only tested the program on a few machines, and I am not sure if works with ATI cards.

Installation Instructions


Just download the above program and run it. The program will be installed on your computer. A shortcut will be placed on your desktop and in your start menu. After installation, just click on the icon to run the program. If the program doesn't run, you either have incompatible graphic's card, or you have not installed Direct X, version 9 or later.